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Staff Filing, Social Security Insurance and Personnel Related Services

1.    Process and administer social security insurance,

  1. Pension Fund
  2. Unemployment Insurance
  3. Medical Insurance
  4. Public Housing Fund

2.    Staff personal file administration services

3.    Payroll administration, remit payment to employee and filing

4.    Personnel Related Compliance Service

  1. Filing for new employment, contracts renewal, termination;
  2. Handle labor dispute;
  3. Annual audit
  4. Other services in compliance with the Labor Laws of China

5. Staff Leasing

Staff appointed by client is employed by JPC and second to work at client's site.  JPC will handle all the staff filing, social security insurances and compliance procedures for client as listed as above from 1-4.

Work Visa Services for Expatriates:

JPC provides a cost effective solution for expatriates who are contracting or working in China.  We sponsor or assist expatriate staffs to obtain their work visa and resident cards in compliance with the Immigration Law of China.

Our sponsoring services include:

1. Provide a legal company structure and a legitimate working status for expatriates who are contracting in China;

2. Handle individual income tax;

3. Provide required insurance.

Our visa filing services include:

1. Preliminary Free Consultation;

2. Documents Preparation;
3. Formal Submission of Application;

4. Case Monitoring.

Application Procedure for Z-Visa and Employment Certificate in China

1. Application for Employment License;

2. Obtain an Invitation Letter;

3. Z-visa Application

4. Secure an Employment Certificate;

5. Temporary Resident Registration

6. Secure a Multi-entry Resident Permit


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